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Meet Sally

I’m Sally; a fully certified baby sleep consultant and level 3 qualified nanny, living in Guildford, Surrey.

Most importantly, I am a mum of two; so I know exactly what it is like to be a parent.

When our eldest little girl, Poppy, was 3 months old, my husband and I were so sleep deprived. We had no idea how to implement a workable routine, naps were non-existent and Poppy had more sleep associations than we could throw a stick at! Our evenings would consist of going for long walks to try to get her to sleep. We wanted time together as a couple in the evening (or at least to eat dinner whilst it was still warm!) and the lack of sleep was making us both miserable.

Then, one morning (at around 3am during a night feed!) something dawned on me: I knew nothing about babies! Yes, I was a qualified nanny, but I had never had to deal with sleep issues. So began my path to becoming a baby sleep consultant.

I read every book from every sleep expert I could find, trawled the internet for answers to sleep problems, read articles from academic researchers and finally trained to become fully certified.

In October 2018, we welcomed our second daughter, Ottilie. This time, I did everything differently. I began a loose sleeping and feeding routine from the second month and from a few months old, Ottilie has taken long naps during the day and slept through almost every night.

I cannot guarantee uninterrupted sleep every night but I can promise you an improvement and the feeling of being in control. Oh and most importantly, I offer gentle sleep solutions… so don’t panic: I’m not going to tell you to leave your baby to cry!

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Baby Sleep Consultant

What parents say

“Sally is kind, patient and friendly. She has young children so understands how it feels to be a mum.

I would, without a doubt recommend Sally if you are struggling with your baby’s sleep.”

Emma Fitzgerald

“Sally’s help and guidance changed my life. Before Sally helped me my son did not have structured naps and would constantly flight his sleep. With Sally’s expertise she helped me to understand that he was actually over tired. With Sally’s help my son now naps for 3 hours a day in his crib with no problems. Allowing me to get some much needed rest.”

Lydia Sykes

“I can not recommend Sally highly enough. She was a life saver when I was loosing hope from all the sleepless nights! She helped me implement a brilliant routine which I have had great success with and was so lovely to work with. She was really patient and I can’t thank her enough.”

Harriet Howarth

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