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Why is my baby still feeding so much at night?

At Tots Asleep, we get asked this question so much. Once babies are no longer newborns, everyone’s had just about enough of the sleepless nights! So what can you do to help your baby to stop feeding at night? The first thing we would suggest is to look at how much milk (breast or

Will weaning help my baby sleep better?

OK, you're exhausted and have started giving your baby solids in the hope their sleep will improve. Everyone is telling you that if you can get food into your baby, he or she will sleep longer. So tempting, right? You'd do ANYTHING for a bit more sleep! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

Is Your Baby Staying Awake Too Long Between Naps?

When I brought my baby home from hospital for the first time, I was absolutely clueless about naps. I thought she'd sleep when she wanted to and I would just know when she was tired. Oh how wrong I was! Having now trained as a baby sleep consultant, I understand that our little ones

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