At Tots Asleep, we get asked this question so much. Once babies are no longer newborns, everyone’s had just about enough of the sleepless nights!

So what can you do to help your baby to stop feeding at night?

The first thing we would suggest is to look at how much milk (breast or formula) your baby is having during the day. Is your baby feeding a lot more at night? Is he or she eating filling foods during the day or just snacking?

The key to your baby not waking for feeds at night is for him or her to have enough food and milk in the daytime. This means spacing out feeds and offering food such as porridge, wholemeal bread and wholewheat cereals at mealtimes.

Every baby is different and there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ feeding routine.

At Tots Asleep we can help you with a workable feeding routine and most importantly, support you every day until you feel confident and more in control.

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Sally’s daughter Ottilie enjoying her porridge!